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Hosted by Kevin Avard, Speak Up! NH is focused on the many injustices happening in the State of New Hampshire pertaining to individual rights. Kevin, a former member of the NH Committee for Redress and Grievances, wants people to see and hear the horrible stories being presented to this committee. He hopes that his efforts will wake people up to what is going on and force some long overdue changes to our system.

078 Kimberly Morin Today's Guest is Political Activist Kimberly Morin. An interview on a wide variety of topics including; Common Core; Medicaid expansion; and increasing the Minimum Wage.
077 Family Tree of Corruption Mike Gill Sr. connects the players of corruption in New Hampshire.
076 Legislative Accountability New Hampshire State Representative John Hikel and Gus Breton talk about Redress and Grievances, and tell what you can do to get things moving in the right direction. This is an important episode.
075 Melissa Hohman Parental Alienation in New Hampshire is alive and well. Is it just routine for the courts to withhold a child from a loving parent for sport? Why would the courts foster the agreement to pit one child against the other as part of a parenting plan? Judge Albee appears to have a track record. Is the constitution dead in NH? "The Best interest of the Child" seems to have a different meaning in New Hampshire...
074 Al Baldasaro and Jeanine Notter Today's Guests are The Honorable New Hampshire State Representatives Al Baldasaro (R)- Londonderry and Jeanine Notter (R)- Merrimack. The topic- NH State House rules being violated to sweep the Medicaid Expansion bill before the NH House. Roll Calls not being heard throughout the House is very unusual and atypical. Is this a corrupt Speaker of the House who will not abide by the rules that were passed by the peoples Representatives? Where is the Media? Like being weary of War, Americans are getting weary of corrupt politicians bypassing rules and the Constitution.
073 Ann Marie Banfield Ann Marie Banfield from Cornerstone joins me to discuss local school budgets, and briefly talks about the scandalous Common Core State Standards Initiative attack on what was once a good Public Education System.
072 Divorce Corp Today's Guest; Filmmaker Joseph Sorge. He is Director of the documentary 'Divorce Corp', narrated by Dr. Drew Pinsky. In this interview, we touch on such topics as courts of equity, and the industry that surrounds the plight of children who are pawns in lucrative and incestuous professional relationships surrounding the courts. Along with parents who are caught in the crossfire, in what many would say is a rogue system, there are unaccountable and destructive events to the rule of law. Watch this interview and get informed; save yourself from a lot of unnecessary pain and financial loss.
071 Kip Teitsort Today's featured Guest; Kip Teitsort, the founder of DT4EMS, which teaches EMS and fire providers to escape violent encounters. I came across DT4EMS, an LLC, through Lynn Briggs, an EMT1 who is still traumatized not only by the actions of her assailant, but also by the lack of how the State of New Hampshire responded to her and Paramedic Carylyn McEntee . I thought this was an isolated case here in NH; but according to Kip , this is the tip of the iceberg. Our first responders across the country are truly victimized, by the criminal attacks against them and also the bureaucracy which insulates criminals from any accountability. Attorney's apparently shy away from representing these crime victims. "It's part of the job", and "Workers Comp" tend to be the excuses in the Briggs and McEntee case, along with others. The state failed to tell them of their Civil Rights as victims. Equal protection under the law- what's that? Miranda rights, of course are given the the accused, but what about their victims? Please watch this informative interview. If you have been a victim of a violent crime while serving a municipality, and find yourself left in a ditch by the City or State- and left to fend for's time to Speak Up!
070 Mark Connolly 'Cover-Up' is a first-person account by Mark Connolly, the former Director of Securities Regulation for the state of New Hampshire. It's reveals the behind-the-scenes maneuverings to manage the Government fallout of a Ponzi scheme (FRM), and its attempt to assign blame about the regulatory failures concerning the fraud. The book reveals a lack of oversight in Financial regulation, not only in New Hampshire, but also the nation at large. The story is not about the fraud itself, but its aftermath. Mark Connolly claims the FRM scam could have taken place anywhere in the United States, and he argues, "instances like FRM will continue to occur absent meaningful election reform." He observes that, "consumer fraud cannot be entirely eliminated, but the regulatory environment in which it exists can be greatly improved." 'Cover-Up' begins with a foreword written by two FRM victims. They say neither the banking department nor the office of Attorney General would directly deal with them when they sought assistance from the state after they learned of the demise of FRM. In an effort to perform due diligence prior to lending to FRM, some of these victims had previously contacted the banking department and inquired about any complaints filed against FRM. They claim they were never told about the extent of such FRM-related complaint activity in that department, which also was aware of repeated violations of state and federal laws by the company.
069 Guardian Ad Litem- From Hell I spoke with Jeanie Melton in a pre-interview for a few hours. Her story was convincing and compelling. We at The Center for Redress asked for documentation to corroborate her story before we could move forward with it. I became more and more amazed after reading some of the materials, along with her testimony, of how one individual can be treated so wrongfully by a system that is supposed to provide Justice. Rape is a crime of violence, and in a sense, that is what appears to have happened to Jeanie by some well connected lawyers and a Justice System which seems to have no accountability that's armed with a cruel sense of pernicious arrogance. To think that after raping Jeanie of her civil rights and Due Process, the courts forced her, under the penalty of Contempt, to sign away her rights and handed them over to a Guardian Ad Litem who was not even an attorney- which is the law in the state of Pennsylvania. The illegal Court-appointed Guardian then robs her of home and dignity, is eventually removed, but only years after the damage is done. The court agrees- after a successful appeal that the Guardian was wrongfully appointed and was removed. The "Guardians" then bill Jeanie for $50k- for services rendered with the courts approval? WOW! This is a must see interview.
068 Kevin Kervick Today's guest is Therapist Kevin Kervick. Interestingly enough, Master's Level Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kervick, who served in the health care industry for over 20 years, has come out of the closet (if you will), in his opposition to the gradual and radical changes mandated by the Affordable Health Care Act. Mental Health privacy has always been held to the highest of standard of ethics with regards to Patient/Doctor Interaction, except in the areas of harm to one self or that of others. However, under the Affordable Health Care Act Known as Obama Care, somewhere in the over 2,000 pages, is a requirement that electronic analysis or notes must be provided to the Central Administrator in the Federal Bureaucracy, (IRS), in order for services rendered to be covered! So if you are having an abortion, or if you have E.D., or problems in the bedroom, or closet, or anything you hold dear to be a sensitive matter, remember...Uncle Sam can keep a secret!!!
067 Dr. Sue Cornbluth I've invited Dr. Sue Cornbluth back for a second conversation. Dr. Sue is a National expert in foster care, child abuse, domestic violence and parenting. She is speaking again on how she helps Parents re-bond with their alienated children. She believes there are injustices within our family court system across the country, particularly, some family court judges who are not ruling in the best interest of the child. She is speaking out on how dangerous it is for the courts to return a child back into the hands of their abusers. In this interview, Dr. Sue describes her approach in helping parents to empower themselves to continue to fight the court system . Dr. Sue provides treatment for parents all over the country, and is making a big difference in the lives of parents who have suffered at the hands of poor family court decisions. You will want to listen if you are looking for help, and be given direction on how to fight back! Dr. Sue Cornbluth can be contacted at
066 FRM Victims- Part 2 The conclusion to a Special two-part broadcast. On November 9, 2009, FRM, a mortgage broker licensed by the NH Banking Commission and its mortgage service, CL&M ceased operating. Since that time, numerous significant NH State regulatory failures have been identified. Additionally, a political scheme by the Commissioner of the NH Banking Department intending to shift the blame away from both the banking commission and himself, resulted in a second financial nightmare for the lenders.
065 FRM Victims- Part 1 On November 9, 2009, FRM, a mortgage broker licensed by the NH Banking Commission and its mortgage service, CL&M ceased operating. Since that time, numerous significant NH State regulatory failures have been identified. Additionally, a political scheme by the Commissioner of the NH Banking Department intending to shift the blame away from both the banking commission and himself, resulted in a second financial nightmare for the lenders.
064 John Burt Today's Guest is Rep. John Burt (R) for a wide-ranging discussion on local politics here in New Hampshire.
063 Dr. Kathleen Reay Dr. Kathleen M. Reay, an internationally-acclaimed Parental Alienation expert, shares up-to-date scientific knowledge, understanding, a tremendous amount of direction, and the tools to help parents and professionals deal with the ramifications of Parental Alienation, a burgeoning and devastating form of child psychological abuse. Dr. Reay's published research study for her Ph.D. dissertation in 2007, demonstrated the correlation between levels of Parental Alienation and psychological distress of adult children of divorce who experienced alienation in their earlier years, speaks to the tragic price that is paid when effective interventions are not available to these families. In families where Parental Alienation exists- are not a matter of business as usual in both the mental health and legal communities. Therapists, attorneys, and judges who are not properly trained in how to work with Alienation cases fall into the trap of believing the alienating parent and the programmed child and make the egregious mistake of contributing to the abuse. On the show, Dr. Reay argues that entirely different therapeutic and court-ordered judicial approaches must be taken to stop this form of child abuse. Dr. Reay strongly believes that in order to re-establish a healthy relationship between children and a rejected parent, two key things must occur: 1) the Court must order that child custody be reversed in favor of the rejected normative parent for at least a meaningful period of time during which the children will experience only the rejected parent's caregiving and 2) the Court must suspend any direct and indirect contact between the favored parent and the child for a period of time until the child's resilience to any negative messaging or to an enmeshed relationship can be rebuilt and the child's attachment to the rejected parent can be rebuilt. Learn about the Family Reflections Reunification Program, led by Dr. Reay and a team of specially trained professionals. Families from all over the United States and Canada are flocking to this program because preliminary evidence reveals a 95 percent success rate. The purpose of Dr. Reay's program is to reconcile children with their rejected normative parent within a couple of days at a beautiful year-round retreat, to provide the alienating parent intensive therapeutic treatment in his or her own locale and to maintain a healthy relationship between the child and his or her rejected parent through follow up counselling services in their own home locale. Find out more about this masterful reunification program at or
062 " Not in the Child's Best Interest": Why the Family Courts Don't Get it Right. Ron and Sherry Palmer are helping parents understand Parental Rights and Children's Rights and why they haven't been respected in Divorce. Children are not property anymore -- Children's Rights and Parents Rights are based on the concept of liberty. The questions we must now ask are: How do you assert your constitutional liberty rights? What is the true authority of the court, and what is the true authority of the parents? Do the courts get to choose one fit parent over the other in divorce? Do children have a constitutional right to choose one parent over the other? Do Children's Rights entitle the child to cut a fit parent out of their life? Court's do not get to redefine fit parents differently in divorce. Court's do not get to choose one fit parent over the other, and children do not have a right to choose one fit parent over the other. Ron and Sherry touch on these in the interview, but go much much further in their book," Not in the Child's Best Interest." Children are not in charge of their own rights, although children have all the rights of adults, they don't have the capacity or maturity to exercise those rights or be responsible for the exercise of their rights. Therefore, those rights must be held in trust by an adult. Both fit parents, even in divorce, have a constitutional right to be the equal trustees of their children's rights. Fit parents hold those rights in trust first and only if no fit parent is available does that trust fall to the state. Fit parents determine the best interest of their own children, not the state, or a judge, not even in divorce. Disagreement between parents whether married or divorced does not constitute a waiver of those parent's or children's constitutional rights, nor does it grant the state constitutional authority to disregard those rights. Even if they have state statutes that say they may; those statutes are unconstitutional unless they meet the strict scrutiny standard. Just as blacks and other minorities had to fight to get their Civil Rights respected by the legislatures and the courts, so too, do parents have to fight. To have their and their children's constitutional rights respected. This fight must begin from the first pleading in court to be most effective. TRUE CHANGE will only happen when people stand up and demand their constitutional rights, just as the Freedom Riders did in the 50's and 60's. Before you can demand your constitutional rights, you must know what they are. Start your education here...
061 Dr. Sue Cornbluth Dr. Sue Cornbluth talks about Parental Alienation and how far reaching this form of Child Abuse is with Host Kevin Avard. What do you do if you are a victim of Parental Alienation? Where do you turn? Are state agencies putting children at risk? Do the courts have the children's best interest in mind or are the family courts violating parents and children's constitutional rights? Do Foster care, Court-Appointed psychologists, Guardian ad Litem , Social workers , DCYF, have a financial interest in keeping good parents involved equally with their children or do these industries bleed families who are breaking apart of all their resources pitting one parent against the other for fiduciary gain? I know these questions are some what inflammatory to some degree . However, the claim that these agencies suppress parents constitutional rights via the Family courts are not just claims of NH citizens. The Center for Redress of Grievances LLC is hearing more and more that these are not just nation wide problems they are global in nature and the Parental Alienation Syndrome is in many cases caused by the Social Services industry. In effect those who claim to be working for the children at "risk" are indeed the very ones who put children at risk by alienating them from one good parent to favor over the other.
060 William O'Brien Today's Guest is Former New Hampshire Speaker of the House William O'Brien, now Candidate for the 2nd Congressional District. He discusses the issues of the day.
059 Linda Kase-Gottlieb Today's Guest is Linda Kase-Gottlieb, a Licensed Therapist, Speaker ,and Author. She discusses the decay of marriage in American society, and the possible repercussions of seperations, especially how it can affect children. She'll also discuss the legal issues present in divorce situations. She talks about Parental Alienation Syndrome, and Mental Health problems that can occur in an alienated child.
058 Jeff Frost, Petitioner #18 Update Jeff Frost, a previous guest on Speak Up! NH, is known as Petitioner #18. Having his Petition found as credible with the now former Redress of Grievance Committee , Jeff is moving forward with a lawsuit to address the illegal seizures of personal property. Attorney Chuck Douglas, a former NH Supreme Court Justice, is representing Mr. Frost in the pursuit of justice.
057 Eileen Landies On the broadcast, Eileen Landies, Chairwoman of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. If you want to learn more about State Government, and how to get involved, from a non-partisan, Liberty perspective, contact Eileen Landies at
055 Elizabeth Doppler-Bourassa On the broadcast is Licensed Psychologist Elizabeth Doppler. We'll talk about Reactive Attachment Disorder, also known as RAD. This is a complex psychiatric illness that can affect young children. It is characterized by serious problems in emotional attachments to others. It is also complicated to diagnose.
054 Common Core Guests Doris Hohensee and Ann Marie Banfield bring to light the Education issue called Common Core, which dates back to the Clinton Administration, and the "reforming" of the US Public Education system.
053 Gerard Beloin and Rep. George Lambert Guest Gerard Beloin discusses bid rigging in New Hampshire Educational Funding. Audiotapes prove threats against his life, and hear about the process of disclosing corruption with major law firms and politicians.
052 Rep. George Lambert Rep. George Lambert discusses the value of re-introducing the Redress of Grievances Committee back into the Legislature, for reasons of accountability and love of the NH Constitution. The discussion also addresses the Free State Project.
051 Rep. John Hikel Host Kevin Avard Guest is The Honorable John Hikel, who asks for accountability with fellow legislative colleagues to keep to their sworn oaths and uphold the NH constitution.
050 Jared Stevens Host Kevin Avard listens to Jared Stevens story about how his son was taken away from him, even though he had done nothing wrong. With Jared obeying one Judge and Marital Master, in communication with his son via a note on a notebook, hear how Judge Ryan- a third judge, determines this action a violation of a bogus restraining order. Hear this chilling story.
049 Zed McLarnon Kevin's guest is Forensic Investigator Zed McLarnon. He is recognized by the courts in Judicial and Court corruption. Hear his experiences involving court cases, witness testimony, and evidence that comes into dispute.
048 Marie Miller Host Kevin Avard's guest is Marie Miller. There is litgation involving banks, lawyers, the courts, and home ownership. This is her story.
047 Mike Gill Update Host Kevin Avard's guest is Mike Gill, who provides an update with the New Hampshire court system involved in his divorce.
046 Joe D'Aleo & Art Horn Host Kevin Avard's guests are Joe D'Aleo, co-founder of The Weather Channel, and Professor Art Horn, once a student of Joe's and now an Independent Weatherman. The discussion centers on the myth of Climate Change and the political ramifications globally for the "Bad Science".
045 Tim Carter Host Kevin Avard's guest is Tim Carter. What is Agenda 21? Find out how it relates to the people of New Hampshire.
044 Jamie Doherty Host Kevin Avard's guest is Jamie Doherty, who is involved in a custody case and tells her story with the struggles inside New Hampshire Family Court.
043 Mike Gill Host Kevin Avard is joined by Mike Gill, who talks about his experiences with the New Hampshire court system involved in his divorce.
042 Corey R. Lewandowski Host Kevin Avard is joined by Corey R. Lewandowski, State Director of 'Americans For Prosperity', for a conversation at the table.
041 Tony Macaione Host Kevin Avard talks with Police Officer Tony Macaione, a previous guest, who provides us with an update about his personal experiences in New Hampshire Family Court.
040 Deb Shorter Host Kevin Avard talks with Deb Shorter, author of 'An Eye Into Welfare- Giving Away Your Tax Dollars', on the topic of Welfare, which she considers to be in need of urgent reform.
039 Chris King Host Kevin Avard talks with Chris King, Investigative Journalist who has been following mortgage fraud on a Local and National level.
038 Michael Volpe Host Kevin Avard talks with Michael Volpe, Investigative Reporter who tells the tale of a whistleblower and corruption.
037 Harold Shurtleff Host Kevin Avard talks with Harold Shurtleff, Northeast Regional Field Director for The John Birch Society.
036 John Babiarz Host Kevin Avard talks with John Babiarz, who was a candidate for Governor of New Hampshire in the 2012 Elections. Originally broadcast in November 2012.
035 Ed Bryans Host Kevin Avard talks to Ed Bryans, who has asked for help with issues involving Family Court of New Hampshire. Originally broadcast in July 2012.
034 Dot Knightley Host Kevin Avard talks to Dot Knightley, from the Unhappy Grammy blog, about the recent report card grades of the DCYF, the Division of Children, Youth and Families of New Hampshire .
033 Kathy Rago & Greg Hill Host Kevin Avard talks with Kathy Rago, Lakes Region Area Director for Network for Educational Opportunity, and former NH State Representative Greg Hill. The topic is the New Hampshire Scholarship Tax Credit.
032 Syrian Refugees Host Kevin Avard is joined by Gina Panzieri, who spent two weeks in Syrian Refugee camps in Jordan as a volunteer with the Syrian-American Medical Society.
031 Joseph D'Aleo Host Kevin Avard welcomes Joseph D'Aleo of Weather Bell Analytics to talk about everyone's favorite subject: the weather. Climate change, 2012 weather patterns and the myths & facts of Global Warming are the topics at the table.
030 Anthony Macaione, Jr. Host Kevin Avard is joined by guest Officer Anthony Macaione, Jr. for a conversation about his personal experiences in New Hampshire Family Court.
029 Denise McIntosh Host Kevin Avard welcomes Independent Paralegal Denise McIntosh, who works on behalf of families to create awareness for parents on their parental rights.
028 Andrew Stachura Host Kevin Avard is joined by Petitioner Andrew Stachura for a discussion about divorce and visitation rights as a parent.
027 Ballot Question 2 This special forum put on by Speak Up host Rep. Kevin Avard and held at Thomas More College gives the history of our state's constitution and how Question 2 is written to protect it. Speakers at this forum were CACR26 author Rep. Paul Mirski, Constitution experts Rep. Dan Itse and Rep. Gregory Sorg, along with Chairman of the Redress of Grievance committee Rep. Paul Ingbretson. If you want to know what Question 2 is all about this is a must watch.
026 Peter Bearse This week, host Kevin Avard interviews Economist, and author, Peter Bearse. Here what he has to say about taking money out of politics.
024 Josh Youssef Host Kevin Avard interviews GOP nominee Josh Youssef (New Hampshire State Senate, District 7) about his current campaign and his plans if elected.
023 Ghislain "Gus" Breton This week, Kevin sits down with Gus Breton, Petitioner #28 before the Grievance Committee.
022 Frank Szabo Host Kevin Avard talks with Frank Szabo, a former candidate for Sheriff in Hillsborough County.
021 Andrew J. Manuse (State Representative) Kevin sits down with fellow State Rep. Andrew Manuse, of Derry.
020 Denise McIntosh This week, Kevin talks with Denise McIntosh, an independent paralegal specializing in situations involving the Department of Children, Youth and Families.
019 Seth Cohn Kevin Avard sits down with State Representative Seth Cohn, occasional member of the Grievance Committee, to talk about happenings at the Capitol.
018 Granite Grok Kevin Avard's guest this week is Stevie MacDonald, the Editor of Granite Grok, a blog devoted to New Hampshire politics, to talk about the upcoming elections.
017 Jeff Carano On this week's show, Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with Jeff Carano.
016 David Johnson Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with David Johnson, Petitioner #5 before the Grievance Committee.
015 Dennis Lamare (Candidate for U.S. Congress, NH 2nd District) Host Rep. Kevin Avard interviews guest Dennis Lamare, candidate for U.S. Congress in the Second Distric of New Hampshire, against U.S. Representative Charlie Bass.
014 Dr. David Vandenberg Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with guest Dr. David Vandenberg, regarding his claim before the Redress Committee related to the custody of his daughter.
013 Marie Miller, Petitioner; Rep. Tim Comerford Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with guest Marie Miller. Ms. Miller is Petitioner #10 before the Redress Committee. Also joining the discussion is NH Rep. Tim Comerford, the Sponsor of Ms. Miller's Petition.
012 Jeff Frost, Petitioner #18 (Attorney General/Banking Commission) Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with Jeff Frost to discuss his case before the New Hampshire Supreme Court, related to his experience with the Attorney General's Office and the New Hampshire Banking Commission.
011 Joseph Kenick III (NH Supreme Court Appellant) Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with Joseph Kenick III to discuss his case filed with the New Hampshire Supreme Court, and his planned filing with the Redress Committee.
010 Michael Rice (Issues with Family Court, Nashua) Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with Michael Rice to discuss the breakdown in the process of parental custody division (Marital Master) related to his children.
009 Redress Committee Meeting - April 17, 2012 (Nick Haas, Petitioner) Video of the Redress Committee meeting of April 17, 2012, regarding Nick Haas (Hooksett), petitioner.
008 Redress Committee Press Conference Video of the Redress Committee's press conference regarding issues raised related to the Committee by the Attorney General of New Hampshire.
007 NH State Representative Jeff Oligny Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with State Representative Jeff Oligny, to discuss Mr. Oligny's own experiences with the NH Courts.
006 Michael Holman (Unvetted Petitioner) Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits down with Michael Holman, a petitioner before the House Redress Committee, as an example of the vetting process of going before the Committee.
005 NH State Representatives Cliff Newton and Tom Kaczynski, Jr. (Rochester) Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits with State Representatives Cliff Newton and Tom Kaczynski, Jr. of Rochester, to discuss their redress to the House of Representatives regarding zoning law issues and Agenda 21.
004 Nick Haas; NH State Rep. John Burt (Goffstown) Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits with Nick Haas and State Representative John Burt (Goffstown), to discuss the court system in New Hampshire, and the current problems with parental custody disputes as exemplified by Mr. Haas's personal experience.
003 Bradley Jardis Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits with former NH Police Officer Bradley Jardis to give him a chance to speak up about his loss of parental rights.
002 Dot Knightly Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits with Grandmother Dot Nightly who has been deprived of her custody rights as a grandparent and is speaking up.
001 Joshua Joussef Host Rep. Kevin Avard sits with Johua Youssef who has a petition in front of the NH Committee on Redress & Grievances. It involves the loss of visitation rights.


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