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What We Have To Offer Non-Profits

Access Nashua (Channel 96) is available to all non-profits operating in Nashua. This can include national non-profits with a local office to the one person non-profit determined to make a difference - Everyone is welcomed.

Bulletin Board Slides
First, it should be relatively quick to determine what you have to say and to work with us to design a slide that will go up on our televised Bulletin Board, as well as out website. These slides are shown on rotation when there are no shows being aired, stay up for approximately 10-15 seconds (it will vary depending on the complexity of the slide) and are a quick and easy way to get your message out.

For details on creating a bulletin board slide see our Bulletin Board Info page by Clicking Here.

Public Service Announcemnts (PSAs)
Then, for added promotion, there is the possibility of making a 3-5 minute Public Service Announcement (PSA). While being a sure way of getting your message across to the audience, they can be great fun to make. You can do it all yourself, have one of your volunteers with an interest in video do it for you, or we can help. We have all the equipment needed to produce such a video (which you can keep and show wherever and whenever you get a chance - the video that is, not the equipment!) and we will help in every aspect of pre and post production. A PSA can be about anything you like and can take any format that your creative mind can conjure up.

Being A Guest On "Nashua's Non-Profits"
Here at Access Nashua we are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to have a chance to tell the residents of Nashua about your organization. For this reason we are producing a show called "Nashua's Non-Profits." We have a standard background, show opening, as well as the interviewer (Don LeBrun) and all you have to do is schedule one of the open time slots and show up for the taping. We would appreciate receiving 10 questions from you so that Don can see that the topics you want discussed get talked about. We will do all the post-production work and you will be airing on the channel, as well as available on our website under the Video on Demand page. We can provide you the embed code for the video so that you can have your web designer add it to your website as well. This is a win-win- situation for everyhone and only takes about an hour of your time.

Producing Your Own Series of Shows
And then there's the ultimate offer! For those of you who see that doing a show is not all that difficult we will will work with you to set you up to Produce your own weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly show. We will work for you to create your studio backgorunds and show opening. You will provide your own host, and guest(s) (not really that hard to do.) Then you will need to schedule studio time to come in and sit in front of the cameras and talk about your next upcoming event, or give the public more information on what youa re doing in Nashua to better the community. We have volunteers to run the control room, setup the cameras, and do any of the post-production work that may come up after a show. How easy is that?

Please give Dick Gagnon a call (589-3141), or email him at and find out how we can help you use Your Station.


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