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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Once I've turned in my video and program contract, how long will it be before my show airs?
A: To process your show, Programming needs a minimum of Seven Business Days.

Q: How many times will my program air?
A: Your program can air up to Five Times in a seven-week period.

Q: Can I sponsor AccessNashua programming?
A: As an individual, an organization, or a business you can sponsor AccessNashua programming. However, sponsors need to adhere to AccessNashua's non-commercial sponsorship guidelines.

Q: How do I schedule a program?
A: You can schedule a series or non-series program. For more information, see the How To Schedule a Program section of this web site.

Q: Can I make a promo for my show?
A: Yes, and you are encouraged to make a promo for your show. Most promos are 15, 20, or 30 seconds and can be scheduled to run on the Bulletin Board on channel 96.

Producer Services

Q: How do I get my Public/Community Service Announcement on the air?
A: If you are part of a non-profit organization, your non-profit can get its P/CSA on the air. You need to submit a form that includes your P/CSA message. You also have the option to submit a graphic.

Q: How far in advance may I schedule the use of equipment?
A: Normally, you can schedule equipment up to 21 days in advance. However, you can submit a Special Request form and Production Plan and schedule equipment with even more advance notice.

Q: Do you have any material that I can read to familiarize myself with public access?
A: There are several documents you can read, ranging from AccessNashua's Policies and Procedures to the information contained on the Programming Contract.

Q: Can I keep equipment beyond the standards 24-hour period?
A: To check out equipment for longer than 24 hours you need to submit a Special Request form and a Production Plan.

Q: How long does it take for my Special Request form to be processed?
A: Special Requests are normally reviewed each week.


Q: Does AccessNashua have volunteer opportunities?
A: Yes. There are a range of volunteer opportunities. Sometimes AccessNashua producers volunteer on collaborative projects that require large crews. You do not need to be a producer to participate.

Q: Does AccessNashua have internship opportunities?
A: Yes. You can become a AccessNashua intern, both to fulfill your educational requirements and simply if you want to learn.

Q: How can I become a mentor for new producers?
A: New producers benefit by working with experienced producers. You can be a mentor and get help on your productions.

Q: How do I find a mentor?
A: To find a producer mentor check the producer bulletin board for notices, or write a notice indicating that you are looking for a mentor.

Q: Can I make a contribution to AccessNashua?
A: We are in the process of establishing a “Friends of Access Nashua” non-profit with 501 (3) c with members of the Nashua community as board members. Once created we will then be able, and delighted, to accept contributions that will go to the benefit of the Public Channel here in Nashua. If you have an interest in helping, please contact us.


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